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Frequently Asked Questions

Usually it is obvious.  There may be stains on your ceiling.  While not always a roof leak, that can often be the case. Other culprits are water heaters in the attic, leaking pipes, or an AC drain pan/condensate line. If you are able to look, you should verify it is not one of those before calling. Other signs of a leak can be musty smells, wood floors buckling, unexplained puddles on the floor, or bubbling paint.  Homes with plaster do not usually stain like drywall, and instead the paint will bubble, and the wall will start to gain a texture.

When you have a problem, or think you have a problem, give us a call.  After looking at your roof, we will give you a repair quote.  We will usually try to repair your roof the same day.  For Re-roofs, estimates can take up to 24 hours.

Most roof companies offer free estimates.  After they come out, they mention having to replace the whole roof.  A lot of the time that is not actually necessary.  Even if your roof is aging out, we can usually still repair the leak to help you get a few more years out of it while you prepare for a re-roof.  In the event your roof does need to be replaced we can give you a quote on that as well.  We will give you every option available.

Yes, we offer re-roof services on shingle, tile, metal and flat roofs as well as roof coatings.

When coating a flat deck, the deck has to be in a condition acceptable to the product manufacturer.  Coating do not work on tar and gravel roofs.  When coating the deck is cleaned, prepped, coated with a bonding agent, then coated with the final product.  Coatings can come with 10 year to 20 year warranties and some are even rated for standing water.  There is no tear off involved with coatings and they are usually about half price from re-roofing a flat deck.  

Re-roofing a flat deck entails tearing off the old deck, and starting from the deck.  Sometimes the flat deck is of a type that cannot be coated, or is to degraded to be coated.  Re-roofing a flat deck is significantly more expensive.

We do not offer coatings over shingles or tiles as it accelerates the degradation of the roof deck, and can lead to mold issues.

That is the question most people want to know.  In general our prices are: Shingle roofs $500 a square, tile roofs $900 a square, flat roofs $1000 a square (tapering adds to the cost), metal roofs snap lock $900 a square, full standing seam $1200 a square, roof coatings $500 a square for a 10 year warranty, $750 a square for a 20 year warranty.  A square is 100 square feet of roof area.  Roofs with special circumstances, or more difficult to do may have additional cost.  This is especially true of tile roofs.

Yes, in addition to any manufacturers warranty on the products, we offer a 5 year workmanship warranty on re-roofs.

Yes, we offer financing on re-roofs.  Contact us for details and to apply.