A Roofs Done Right LLC Company

Our Services

Roofs Done Right/1st Call Repair specializes in South Florida Roofing. We are a Florida Licensed roofing contractor, and fully insured. We offer the following services:

Roof Repairs

Leak locating, leak repair, storm damage, flashing repair, chimney leaks, tile repair/replacement, shingle repairs, valley rebuilds, damaged roof deck replacement, truss-sistering, among others.

Roof certification

Your insurance company may require you to get a roof certification in order to continue your coverage. As a Florida licensed roofing contractor, we are able to provide you this letter after inspecting your roof.

Roof coatings

Specifically for flat decks. This is a coating that often comes with a warranty, prevents your roof from having to be torn off, and is a fraction of the cost of replacing a roof.


Sometimes it is just time to replace the roof.  Or perhaps  your insurance company is making you replace the roof when it still has some useful life.  Whether it is shingle, tile, or a flat deck Roofs Done Right/1st Call Repair has the expertise to get your roof done right.